Privacy Policy

Your security and privacy are the top priority at 25BabyItems. Since the day we established, we never shared, sold, rented, any customer personal information to any other party and surely – never will.

Whenever you’ll enter your personal information on our website, we assure to protect it both online and offline.

We have a diversity of security procedures to protect your personal information from unsanctioned access. Our personnel specialize in being up-to-date on security procedures.

We are ready to take steps in order to secure your privacy, however, there’s no 100% guarantee that the data entered on the internet will be completely secured, so we are not responsible for the destruction, disclosure or theft of your private information.

Reliable Ordering

Whenever you submit your personal data, it is secured with us. We get access not only to your credit card but actual credit card information to issue credits.

On the secure page, such as order form hosted from a secure data facility, the lock icon of browser becomes locked. This shows that the connection between web server and browser is secured. Whenever you submit private information such as your credit card numbers, that information is protected and encrypted within the software or exceed or meet industry standards.

25BabyItems and third parties

When you visit our website, we collect information about it, to improve the delivery of information and services for you. In order to do this, we take help from third-party companies like Google, such as we analyze it to assist in website management. This software is used to assess how people use the 25BabyItems website.

This software gives information about your device (e.g. tablet, Smartphone, computer), the type of browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and operating systems (e.g. IOS, Windows, Macintosh, Android). We collect this information to make sure the websites are optimized for technology-based so the majority of people are using access to our website.

This technology also utilizes internet cookies; they are stored on your hard drive in the form of text drive. Most of them are session cookies means they get deleted when you close the browser. Other is called persistent because they do not delete, they provide us with targeting information about product and pricing, however you can easily delete them anytime.

While this data is collected, 25BabyItems assures you that we never sell, rent or lease any of your personal data. However, if required by law we will release it on the basis of the search warrant or court order.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the privacy policy or statements, the dealings of the website or any statements, you can always contact us.