Terms Conditions

Prohibition of Other Terms:

The terms and conditions that are stated here may not be affiliated by the buyer, and no different or additional terms, mentioned in buyer’s purchase order or from elsewhere, will be relevant to the transaction unless individually signed or specifically agreed, written by the head of the company.


Unless it is stated on the website, all the prices are Point of departure/F.O.B, exclusive of insurance, local delivery charges, shipment, if there’s any. Prices that are displayed don’t include taxes and shipment handling.


Unless agreed to by X-Rite, terms of payment are within X-Rite’s sole discretion, payment will be received at the time of delivery by the dispatcher. They can also be made through credit cards unless the company provides written approval for the transaction for specific agreed credit terms.

Damage Limitations

Under any circumstances, the company shall not be liable for any lost profits or other consequential damage and incidental of any kind, for any reason with respect to the product, or by the transaction by which the product is sold.


All the use, applicable sales, excise, other taxes and gross receipts, are the responsibility of the buyer, the buyer shall recompense or promptly pay the Company for payment of any otherwise taxes on demand. If the buyer attests an exemption from any such taxes, an exemption certificate shall be embellished to the company.


Any software recognized in this online sale, incorporated within product subject, will be governed by separate license agreement(s), which will be embellished to the buyer at the time of delivery. Notwithstanding, any other terms or condition, nor proprietary rights associated with the software, neither title to the software, will be transferred to the buyer. The software contains technology and proprietary information of the company, and the buyer is required to adhere to certain nondisclosure obligations set forth in the mentioned license agreement(s).


The products produced by the company are warranted to be absolutely free from faults, in workmanship and material under casual use and service for the time of 12 months from the day of delivery, unless otherwise noted in product literature. The company will replace or repair, at its option, products that tend to be defective within the warranty period F.O.B/Point of departure.


Any claim or controversy arising out of this online sale, or the breach thereof, will be settled by the adjudication in the accordance with the rules, the obtaining of the judgment upon the award rendered will be entered in the highest court of the Forum, State or Federal, having jurisdiction.

Return Policy

The goods purchased will be not be returned for credit after 60 days of delivery, the product should be in restock able condition, although there will be 15% restocking fee. The approval of returns without replacement orders must be approved by the sales manager, who will contact the assisted sales rep.